The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

King’s log day:???
nothing to see move along

Thovar’s Journal:
lost in time in this hole of a kaer, the dramatic exit the last circle will have just when the city above believes all hope is lost and the mighty adventurers have fallen will solidify our legendary exploits in the minds and history of Korinth
we’ve all healed up, Baelthazon gave use healing salves to expedite our recovery. and we are beginning our journey to slay Agea. she has the first piece of the horror, and I have Baelthazon’s horn it should get us in position to launch a deadly strike, but first we must find her weakness.
OMG A WHOLE WEEK!!! I’m so bored, I found a dwarf of baelthazon’s who can teach me to swing my weapons faster, and get a second swing in the time I’me usually taking one. but not enough time to learn I’m picking up the basics though. soon I’ll be twice as deadly! if only I could find a shield then I could give them the old one two.
bored bored bored!!
just so you know young adventurer in the library of throal when you are reading this. the write Thovar Stonefire was BORED OUT OF HIS MIND!

king's log
not done with the duhn of horrors

I woke bruised and battered all over, the roadmap of pain that covers my flesh telling the struggle that is my life open for all to see. how long was I out, how long was it they could see, the scars and mangled flesh that resembles a dwarven body uncovered by robes and armor, such is my life. constant struggle, constant battle, the unending war for the crown.
my companions have seen it now, the impossible struggle at the hands of namegivers not tainted by horrors. I know more than most the need to have companions you can trust. friends, those who if you fall in battle protecting them will do everything possible to ensure you leave the battlefield. even if it means trading all your possessions for your life.
I woke in the lair of a dragon, we apparently are in a kaer of a horror who is powerful and tricky enough to find, capture, and imprison, a dragon. after talking to him it appears that Hrothgeddain TrueFire is not all that is claimed. a puppet of the horror, a tool to enliven the dwarves to a cause that is false. whether or not he holds claim to the throne matters not. he is tainted beyond recovery and slaying the horror to free the people of scytha is what matters. I doubt anyone here knows the location of the crown now. but we’ve missed the window of exit from the duhn, and the dragon appears to speak the truth. he’s agreed to take us out of here if I help him to trap the horror, he didn’t say “kill, or slay” but from our conversation it appears that alone is probably impossible, so the best chance is to trap it by finding all its parts.
he gave me a piece of his horn to “prove” to the daughters of Agea that I have slain him. a gift.
Baelthazon either knows skyraiders or sees the freedom of my spirit and did not insult me by attempting to ask for loyalty. I hope that allies can be made of dragons…
perhaps he knows the honor of words, or perhaps he has grown apathetic with half a millenia of imprisonment. either way we have agreed to work together to take the horror down.
Tianna looks pretty banged up, maybe a sprained wrist, she’s been favoring her arm pretty well. but nothing major.
not like netherwind. Netherwind doesn’t look so good his shoulder is out of place, the left side of his head looks numb. he can’t raise his arm he keeps it curled in and winces whenever he reaches for anything, or the slightest bump. he’s the worst off but you have to give him credit for sacrificing his health to make sure we survived. renny is just as banged up as usual. but he’s always kinda sickly so its hard to tell where he’s injured or just clumsy.
those cadavermen broke my rib I’ll be fine in a week, that’s what I get for grabbing a hold of all of them to make sure netherwind got to secure our safety.
The hand came out of his staff. I think if we broke his staff the hand wouldn’t give us much trouble at all, OMG the bell, how could I have forgotten about the bell, if we have to fight that guy again. someone will have to make sure he doesn’t ring the bell. I might be able to sever the chain. but perhaps grabbing it and throwing him around would be better, he can’t cast any spells if rok is slinging him into the walls.
Rok let me borrow a massive battleaxe, he seemed a bit surprised at how well I handled it after he gave it to me, perhaps there is some trick to it I just naturally picked up? I owe him one for rescuing my storm armor from the enemy. we’ll need to go raiding to secure some more provisions after having lost alot of our supplies.
I must have been out for a long time, boy am I hungry

Kings Log Day 466
talk to the hand

the darkness calls, forshadowing that I was “lost” in a seemingly straight hallway, now I am lost without companions without the only thing I trusted. the storm calls to me, I hear it still telling me to get up, chiding me that my legend has not yet been written into the library of throal immortalized for ages to come, insulted that I should be apart.
in my dream the failure repeats over and over again, “stick to the plan I said, we can make this out if we stick to the plan.” but he had to go and charge in without thinking.
I told him they all wear masks, and we find the ONLY thing down here not wearing a mask, and instead of thinking he’s not bound to their rules perhaps he might not attack us, our fearless scout decides its just a dorf I can take him. ashamed I thought for a moment to shut the door on him, a life of shame is not better than an honorable death.
just have to remember he’s not been out in the real world very long he’ll come around soon enough.
I can hear her voice calling not yet young hero perhaps it is not my time to fall afterall,
my strength returns,
guide me through the darkness my senses betray me…

King’s log day:466

the architecture of this horror tainted tomb is maddening, a pathway changes, a passage that appears to be a straight hallway, leads you to separate. as if there is a mind behind every wall, whispers within every smell. I swear I can “hear” directions. it does not appear that my companions have noticed the effects of this pandorum, I hopefully they have not succumbed to the taint of the horrors running this place. I have struck a bargain with the inhabitants, they will locate the needle in the haystack that we are searching for, and in turn we must kill the leader of one of the cults. while on our quest the sisters will not harm us, renny expressed that he will not honor the oath, and I fear that he is no longer under my protection as a result. at least they pointed us in the right direction, which was more than we had before… I am quickly losing my bearings, I have never been surrounded by so much danger, it is an enlivening prospect, but what I am searching for may not be down here…fluffy bunnies why is there a pit of sand at the entrance, how far down does it go? why was the entrance not guarded, surely if they didn’t want visitors they would prevent anyone from entering… the key, the crown…

It Begins

Day Fifteen
Prusys Dewshining

I awoke to what can only be described as a nightmare realized. Screams pierced the night air. Danger was near enough that the sound of it scaled the walls and came through the windows of the inn. I had left a candle burning with a promise to honor my fallen brother with the ritual that his death deserved as soon as I could find the opportunity. I ran into the hallway to alert the members of the party who had not already appeared.

What happened next is hazy. We made it as far as the marketplace when something dark and unnatural occurred. The world stopped and sped up almost simultaneously. My legs felt as if I were trying to run through a swamp, movement became impossible. Then darkness.

I awoke on a road in what I recognized in the city. The screams were louder. The dwarves of the city were being set upon by gnashers and cadaver men. I had only heard of these creatures in tales. The stories did no justice to the pure evil that I witnessed. I saw no one from the party. From the roof, I saw the dwarves being annihalated. Before I could act, I was set upon by a gargoyle. My aim was true, but my arrow shattered, dealing minute damage. I scrambled down knowning that survival was more prudent than victory. To my shame, I failed to save a dwarf in order to save myself.

I managed to guide one of the dwarves away. He shouted that we needed to go to the barracks. Heeding him, we ran until we nearly collided with Remy. He had encountered and weakened the cadaver man that had set upon him. I was able to finish the creature off. Evidently, to his chagrin. (An example of why human behavior continues to intrigue me) We set off in the direction of the barracks and were allowed entry with the townfolk.

My brother is gone. I feel sorrow. But my emotions are nothing to what I see in the barracks. These dwarves watched their families eviscerated and consumed. I see the hurt and the loss. I continue to look. I want to see rage. I want to see a thirst for vengeance. I don’t. I hope that I will.

Upon knowing it’s safe, we seek out the member’s of our party. The obsidimen, I was told, was in search of his weapon. Oaf. Netherwind and Thovar were safe and attempting to remove Thovar’s weapon from the stone street. They managed to save three of the dwarves. I don’t trust them, but I sense some honor in their actions.

The events of last night have made me realize that at the age of 62, I am very much still a child. I will seek out training. I will not be unprepared as I was last night.

The Dream
the stone, it just came alive and took them.

King’s log day:465

It has been far too long since I was resting in a bed, too soon was my dreams almost ready to show and then the revelation hit me. “he’s working for HIM!” I can’t let the plan succeed I must somehow find what they are looking for and hide it from getting back to him. I shall use his own device against his perpetual insistence on killing me.

Screams coming from the city, of course my first instinct is to help, but then the bed calls back to me. We are in a town they have guards to help with this sort of thing, prolly nothing more than a building caught on fire, well it can’t hurt to go poke my face and offer to help. as I was putting on my armor, I still don’t go anywhere without it… they make fun of me sometimes but I keep reminding them if they had it then they’d do the same.

(BANG BANG BANG) “get up ya lazy bugger!” her voice was shrill and rocked me the rest of the way awake. that elf the archer. I don’t know why I didn’t respond but I sat in silence getting my armor ready for battle. before continuing out.

Everything is a bit fuzzy after that. when I finally came to my senses I was alone and duty called. a dwarf cowering in fear alone within my sight, and the hero within took over. I’ve never fought these things before but they were all teeth. I thought with the non adepts around it would be best to keep moving. I grabbed the dwarf and told her to keep close, I’ve done this before. using my body as a shield from the cadavermen I protected her until she could burst through the foliage. but surprise surprise, there was more horrors there. I ran around grabbing everyone I could. the forge was a good building to go to, but as i glanced behind me there were too many gnashers to be able to get anyone inside to open the door. so we ran. I’m going to invent a sport that capitalizes on runing by and knocking people down, “dwarfball” yeah yeah. sounds catchy.
at least I could save 2 innocents. I lost another, a gargoyle was flying off with him and I only had 1 shot. I fear the horrible things they will do to that poor soul, we must go in to the duhn and put him out of his misery.

The guards have their skin pulled taught back as if they’ve been rotting away for a while this leads me more to my conclusion that the captain is the evil of the kaer, or perhaps still being manipulated by it.

None of the masks seen from living or dead dwarves are anything other than the faction of the mask of ithon, curious if there’s 4 factions, where are the other masks.

We need to get into the kaer, I need to ask the loremaster if the weaponsmiths in the town can do anything with my weapons to help in the coming battles, or adding something to my shield to let me catch my enemies weapons in it, disarming them or breaking the weapon.

More thoughts tomorrow, as always I hope that I live long enough to tell you my travels myself children, and you don’t have to just read this journal.

"The horrors erupted from the very earth I say."

Game Synopsis

During the night, the town is besieged by horrors. Reluctantly, the party investigates. Amidst the chaos, the party is separated and must fight their way back to each other. None the worse for wear, Thovar manages to save two villagers and the party begins to understand the extent of the corruption.

Items Gained:

Korinthian Bronze Drusus (Thovar)

Legend Points

2000 LP Surviving the encounter.

Total: 2000: 300 LP each for

Individual Awards:
Thovar: 500 LP Saving 2 villagers
Prusys: 100 LP Getting the character’s going
Prusys: 100 LP Saving 1 villager
Renny: 100 LP for whooping cadaver-ass (even though the kill was stolen)
Netherwind: 100 LP saving 1 villager
Rok: 100 for loosing his sword in the middle of the fight (I found it funny considering how much you treasure your sword).

The Meeting
The Last Circle...wasn't last.

Tianna and Thovar arrived in the market square, innocent tianna marveling at the number of merchants and their wares, Thovar sticking close to his friend watching for cutpurses and those who would make off with their meager coin. and of course as fate would have it they found one.

RENNY!” tianna’s melodic voice pierced the static of the market. Thovar pretending to just now notice the dark brooding figure walking directly toward them.

“what are you doing here?” the thief’s standard accusitory tone belying his true intentions. before tianna could give away their reasons for being so far north thovar spoke as if to answer the question. “…and Renny you are looking good, life’s been grand since you left the circle. what brings you to cross paths with destiney?”

a gleeming glint of mischeif in the thief’s eye, “well funny you should mention, meet me in the bar around the corner.”

tianna excited to hear stories of her old friend’s exploits.

entering the bar Thovar shrugs his cloak back revealing the lightning dancing around his armor, sizing up the nonreaction of the inhabitants, hoping it is more not caring than not noticing.

“Hoi Rok!” seeing an old friend who spilled blood in battle together both their own and enemies. looking casually around and peering down in embarrassment at the dwarf striding toward him, tianna broke the ice with tales of adventurous conversation. Thovar taking the time everyone else was vying for conversation to chat with Galea showing a few new trophies and sliding her an old small tome under the table, “…nothing of value but you might like it reading.”

Renny then took command of the conversation at the friendly accusation of his attempts to take the party treasury, by slapping a gold piece to the table. “for all debts i owe, consider them paid.” he continued to tell a tale of a mask of power that once belonged to the dwarf Ithon the Demolisher. Known for razing entire towns during the Breaking of the Scythan Nation. knowing the name it appears the dwarves of the kaer are descendants. almost as if he wasn’t listening, thovar spoke after renny had finished his story. “hey! its a sign the threads of fate have woven us together the only thing that would make this an unrefusable epic is if netherwind was here!” as if on cue the doors to the bar swung open wide and a gust of wind sifted dust from outside. in slow motion the table encompassing the last, of the last circle turned to view the stranger in the doorway. silence befalling the tavern. lifting her cowl back the stranger in the doorway showed herself to be an elf, and not netherwind.

the group continued to discuss and eventually the elf calle rok out, revealing herself as the sister of their fallen comrad SHORTY MCKRAKEN. a short battle of words and the short but heartfelt words of the elementalist tianna calmed the elf to trust the group as shorty had…well…perhaps just trusting they were telling teh truth. an agreement to investigate the kaer… and talk to the guards.

a quick visit to the loremaster, and as fate would have it the loremaster talking to none other than netherwind. the fates brought them together, some will fall some will rise. but destiney has her way.

Stalkers in the Sand


Having rested, the party tries again to enter the domain of the sand stalkers. Trying outsmart them, the groups up in twos and traverses the sand in separate directions. At first, they try to move at different times, luring the constructs toward them before stopping and allowing the others to move. The stalks soon learn the trick and focus their attacks on Cassius and Galea. Lee and Nadroj, rush to help, but the group discover the stalkers are too well protected and must retreat. Deciding to rest near the Kaers entrance, the group is surprised when the kaer doors open again and the Loremaster is waiting to greet them. The group decides to rest for five weeks, before returning to the kaer.

At the urgings of the Loremaster, the group re-enters the kaer and proceeds to the sand pit with the crawlers. Lee, having watched the foul beasts in combat, discover that the stalkers are most vulnerable when they spring out of the sand to attack. Relaying the information to the others, they soon coordinate their attacks as the creatures attack. They make short work of one sand stalkers and the other flees to the safety of the sand. Searching the room, they find a stone block in the center of the room. It vaguely reminds them of an alter with various items on top. Taking the items that look useful, the group delves deeper into the kaer.

Deeper into Metura, the walls become smoother, as if worked by dwarven hands.

Items Found

5 flasks
1 banded mail (rusted)
1 full plate (rusted)
1 greataxe (nadroj)
1 longsword (Cassius)
1 scimitar (Lee)
1 studded leather armor (rotted)
3 gems – galea
1 pendant – galea

Moss room, used for food source
Purse 34 SP Scythan

Into Kear Korinth


Nodraj, Rok, Galea, and the two surviving Scythan guards, head into the nearby woods to elude any predators attracted by the fallen warriors. After a short rest and a long discussion, the group heads towards Sturnheim to find Cassius and Lee. Finding the village deserted, the follow the tracks of a large group heading east out of the village. Lee and Cassius decide to head west back towards Matura and wait there for their friends. Nodraj, Rok, and Galea follow the tracks for a roughly four days before discovering the group is captured by slavers. They manage to catch up to the slavers while they are loading the captives onto a Theran airship. Disliking the odds in favor of the slavers and Therans, the group decided to head back towards Metura.

The party is united again in Metura. The part rests a night, purchases some supplies and heads into Kaer Matura. The loremaster with two of his apprentices perform the ritual of opening under the watchful gaze of a dozen gaurds. Once opened, the group is rushed into the kaer and the Loremaster begins the ritual to re-seal the Kaer. Looking back out the door one last time, Cassius, Lee, Rok, Nadroj, and Galea watch the sun disappear behind the black obsidian door; then they are enveloped by the darkness of Kaer Matura.

Once inside, the group find breaks out their light stones and find two ladders descending down through two holes in the ground. The ladders are bronze and surprisingly strong, but Rok’s weight, even alone, cause the ladder to bend greatly. At the bottom of the ladder, the group encounters gnarshers. After dispatching the hnasher, they decided to rest a couple days above. After searching the room, the discover a hallway that leads through a number of pre-sprung traps and ends in two large ornate Bronze doors. Behind the doors are more gnashers and pit traversed with a make shift wooden bridge. After dealing with the gnashers, the party tries to find a way for Rok to cross the pit, but eventually decide to cross the pit without the obsidian warrior.

On the other side of the pit, the group finds stairs that lead down and end in a room filled with sand. Stepping onto the sand, the group discovers that the place is guarded by sand stalkers. After a quick fight, Cassius falls and the party retreats to where Rok is waiting. Resting so the Cassius can heal, the group ponders their next move.

Items Gained:


Legend Points

350 LP General Roleplaying
3150 LP Defeating 7 Gnashers

Total: 3500 (700 each Lee Cassisus, Rok, Nodraj, and Galea)

Individual Awards:


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