The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth


"The horrors erupted from the very earth I say."

Game Synopsis

During the night, the town is besieged by horrors. Reluctantly, the party investigates. Amidst the chaos, the party is separated and must fight their way back to each other. None the worse for wear, Thovar manages to save two villagers and the party begins to understand the extent of the corruption.

Items Gained:

Korinthian Bronze Drusus (Thovar)

Legend Points

2000 LP Surviving the encounter.

Total: 2000: 300 LP each for

Individual Awards:
Thovar: 500 LP Saving 2 villagers
Prusys: 100 LP Getting the character’s going
Prusys: 100 LP Saving 1 villager
Renny: 100 LP for whooping cadaver-ass (even though the kill was stolen)
Netherwind: 100 LP saving 1 villager
Rok: 100 for loosing his sword in the middle of the fight (I found it funny considering how much you treasure your sword).



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