The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

Into Kear Korinth


Nodraj, Rok, Galea, and the two surviving Scythan guards, head into the nearby woods to elude any predators attracted by the fallen warriors. After a short rest and a long discussion, the group heads towards Sturnheim to find Cassius and Lee. Finding the village deserted, the follow the tracks of a large group heading east out of the village. Lee and Cassius decide to head west back towards Matura and wait there for their friends. Nodraj, Rok, and Galea follow the tracks for a roughly four days before discovering the group is captured by slavers. They manage to catch up to the slavers while they are loading the captives onto a Theran airship. Disliking the odds in favor of the slavers and Therans, the group decided to head back towards Metura.

The party is united again in Metura. The part rests a night, purchases some supplies and heads into Kaer Matura. The loremaster with two of his apprentices perform the ritual of opening under the watchful gaze of a dozen gaurds. Once opened, the group is rushed into the kaer and the Loremaster begins the ritual to re-seal the Kaer. Looking back out the door one last time, Cassius, Lee, Rok, Nadroj, and Galea watch the sun disappear behind the black obsidian door; then they are enveloped by the darkness of Kaer Matura.

Once inside, the group find breaks out their light stones and find two ladders descending down through two holes in the ground. The ladders are bronze and surprisingly strong, but Rok’s weight, even alone, cause the ladder to bend greatly. At the bottom of the ladder, the group encounters gnarshers. After dispatching the hnasher, they decided to rest a couple days above. After searching the room, the discover a hallway that leads through a number of pre-sprung traps and ends in two large ornate Bronze doors. Behind the doors are more gnashers and pit traversed with a make shift wooden bridge. After dealing with the gnashers, the party tries to find a way for Rok to cross the pit, but eventually decide to cross the pit without the obsidian warrior.

On the other side of the pit, the group finds stairs that lead down and end in a room filled with sand. Stepping onto the sand, the group discovers that the place is guarded by sand stalkers. After a quick fight, Cassius falls and the party retreats to where Rok is waiting. Resting so the Cassius can heal, the group ponders their next move.

Items Gained:


Legend Points

350 LP General Roleplaying
3150 LP Defeating 7 Gnashers

Total: 3500 (700 each Lee Cassisus, Rok, Nodraj, and Galea)

Individual Awards:



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