The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

Into the Pit

Game Synopsis

Having recently joined the Lore Guild, Galea uses the Homunculus Book the party found in Parlainth to convince Loremaster Seekingstone meet with the party. The two arrive just after breakfast and the party has assembled in the main area of the Arcane Star. Nadroj explains to the Loremaster the groups desire to enter the kaer and explains the benefit to the town by letting them do so. The Loremaster, impressed by Nadroj’s explanation, entails his interest in the Kaer.

“I have found through my research and inquiries of the Scythan guards that have escaped the kaer, that there is a rare tome of dwarf history. This tome is hidden in the kaer, near a shrine to Garlan. It is hidden by a false stone in the wall and I do not believe it has been found. I need you to recover that book for me.”

Nadroj almost agrees to the terms, but Lee interrupts insulting the Loremaster and demanding payment for the group’s service. Indignant at Lee’s butchering of his title, the Loremaster stands intent on leaving the meeting. Nadroj quickly smooths the conversation over while Cassius unceremoniously ends Lee’s negotiations of payment. Galea’s hand on the Loremaster’s arm is a subtle reminder of the ancient text that Loremaster Seekingstone desires to examine. Nadroj is able to assuage the Loremaster and convinces Seekingstone to help equip the party for the journey. While the Loremaster is unable to compel the craft guild or trade guild, the Loremaster supplies the party with a promissory note that allows them to purchase equipment with the intention of paying the merchant back at a future time. With their business concluded, Seekingstone excuses himself. Almost in afterthough, the Loremaster looks back and informs Nadroj that captain Ahzurjoudan of the Brotherhood of Gnorm would like to speak to them if they are going into Kaer Metura.

The party finds Captain Ahzurjoudan at the Foundation Stone. After ordering a round of dwarven stout, Nodraj convinces Ahzurjoudan to give him one of the Gnormite Mask and robe. Ahzurjoudan offers some ‘friendly’ advice on dealing with the kaer inhabitants. A strange girl with close cut pitch black hair, white circles painted around each eye with a thin black line beneath, and patchwork clothing of someone who has been on the trail too long, challenges anyone in the bar to game to a game of Giant’s Feet. The game consists of two people facing off on a log over a refuse pit. Each opponent has their hands tied behind their backs and then they try to dismount each other. The girl offers a large some of money that Lee is unable resist. Unfortunately, Lee soon realizes that he cannot walk straight because of the dwarven stout. Cassius hops up on the log with grace of cat, bowing slightly to his opponent.

“May I have this danc…”

The girl catches Cassius off guard as he makes his witty remark. Cassuis falls into the pit as the girl spins herself free of the log. Agitated, Cassius storms out of the Stone to clean himself off. Lee tries to order another Stout, but passes out halfway to the Bar. Galea takes Lee to a room before seeking some supplies for herself.

The party spends the next day purchasing supplies from the various merchants in town. Most are staple items; the party tries to keep the cost down so it won’t cut to deeply into any treasure they find. On the contrary, Cassius takes the opportunity to purchase a poll-axe and suit of Chain armor. After spending the day equipping themselves the group rests the night before their trip into the Kaer. Upon awaking the next morning, they perform their Karma Rituals. As they perform a last minute inventory of their gear, a commotion arises near the East gate. Whispers of a wounded dwarf from Sturmheim ripple across the crowd; they are soon followed by gasps of scorchers attacks fill the air. It is apparent that the small village is in trouble, but is it too late to send help?

Items Gained:

Scythan Mask
Green Scythan Robe

Legend Points Awarded

200 LP General Roleplaying
100 LP Offering the Homonoculous to secure meeting
100 LP Agreeing to Help the Loremaster and Captain Ahzurjoudan
-100 LP insulting the Loremaster
100 LP Foundation Stone drinking

Total: 400 (100 each to Nadroj, Cassius, Lee, and Galea)

Individual Awards:
Nodraj: 100 LP Joining the Craft Guild
Nodraj: 100 LP acquiring Brotherhood Gnorm mask and robe for disguise.
Cassius: 100 LP purchasing the Flute
Cassius: 50 Giant’s Feet Match



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