The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

It Begins

Day Fifteen
Prusys Dewshining

I awoke to what can only be described as a nightmare realized. Screams pierced the night air. Danger was near enough that the sound of it scaled the walls and came through the windows of the inn. I had left a candle burning with a promise to honor my fallen brother with the ritual that his death deserved as soon as I could find the opportunity. I ran into the hallway to alert the members of the party who had not already appeared.

What happened next is hazy. We made it as far as the marketplace when something dark and unnatural occurred. The world stopped and sped up almost simultaneously. My legs felt as if I were trying to run through a swamp, movement became impossible. Then darkness.

I awoke on a road in what I recognized in the city. The screams were louder. The dwarves of the city were being set upon by gnashers and cadaver men. I had only heard of these creatures in tales. The stories did no justice to the pure evil that I witnessed. I saw no one from the party. From the roof, I saw the dwarves being annihalated. Before I could act, I was set upon by a gargoyle. My aim was true, but my arrow shattered, dealing minute damage. I scrambled down knowning that survival was more prudent than victory. To my shame, I failed to save a dwarf in order to save myself.

I managed to guide one of the dwarves away. He shouted that we needed to go to the barracks. Heeding him, we ran until we nearly collided with Remy. He had encountered and weakened the cadaver man that had set upon him. I was able to finish the creature off. Evidently, to his chagrin. (An example of why human behavior continues to intrigue me) We set off in the direction of the barracks and were allowed entry with the townfolk.

My brother is gone. I feel sorrow. But my emotions are nothing to what I see in the barracks. These dwarves watched their families eviscerated and consumed. I see the hurt and the loss. I continue to look. I want to see rage. I want to see a thirst for vengeance. I don’t. I hope that I will.

Upon knowing it’s safe, we seek out the member’s of our party. The obsidimen, I was told, was in search of his weapon. Oaf. Netherwind and Thovar were safe and attempting to remove Thovar’s weapon from the stone street. They managed to save three of the dwarves. I don’t trust them, but I sense some honor in their actions.

The events of last night have made me realize that at the age of 62, I am very much still a child. I will seek out training. I will not be unprepared as I was last night.



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