The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

King’s log day:???

nothing to see move along

Thovar’s Journal:
lost in time in this hole of a kaer, the dramatic exit the last circle will have just when the city above believes all hope is lost and the mighty adventurers have fallen will solidify our legendary exploits in the minds and history of Korinth
we’ve all healed up, Baelthazon gave use healing salves to expedite our recovery. and we are beginning our journey to slay Agea. she has the first piece of the horror, and I have Baelthazon’s horn it should get us in position to launch a deadly strike, but first we must find her weakness.
OMG A WHOLE WEEK!!! I’m so bored, I found a dwarf of baelthazon’s who can teach me to swing my weapons faster, and get a second swing in the time I’me usually taking one. but not enough time to learn I’m picking up the basics though. soon I’ll be twice as deadly! if only I could find a shield then I could give them the old one two.
bored bored bored!!
just so you know young adventurer in the library of throal when you are reading this. the write Thovar Stonefire was BORED OUT OF HIS MIND!



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