The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

King’s log day:466

the architecture of this horror tainted tomb is maddening, a pathway changes, a passage that appears to be a straight hallway, leads you to separate. as if there is a mind behind every wall, whispers within every smell. I swear I can “hear” directions. it does not appear that my companions have noticed the effects of this pandorum, I hopefully they have not succumbed to the taint of the horrors running this place. I have struck a bargain with the inhabitants, they will locate the needle in the haystack that we are searching for, and in turn we must kill the leader of one of the cults. while on our quest the sisters will not harm us, renny expressed that he will not honor the oath, and I fear that he is no longer under my protection as a result. at least they pointed us in the right direction, which was more than we had before… I am quickly losing my bearings, I have never been surrounded by so much danger, it is an enlivening prospect, but what I am searching for may not be down here…fluffy bunnies why is there a pit of sand at the entrance, how far down does it go? why was the entrance not guarded, surely if they didn’t want visitors they would prevent anyone from entering… the key, the crown…



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