The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

king's log

not done with the duhn of horrors

I woke bruised and battered all over, the roadmap of pain that covers my flesh telling the struggle that is my life open for all to see. how long was I out, how long was it they could see, the scars and mangled flesh that resembles a dwarven body uncovered by robes and armor, such is my life. constant struggle, constant battle, the unending war for the crown.
my companions have seen it now, the impossible struggle at the hands of namegivers not tainted by horrors. I know more than most the need to have companions you can trust. friends, those who if you fall in battle protecting them will do everything possible to ensure you leave the battlefield. even if it means trading all your possessions for your life.
I woke in the lair of a dragon, we apparently are in a kaer of a horror who is powerful and tricky enough to find, capture, and imprison, a dragon. after talking to him it appears that Hrothgeddain TrueFire is not all that is claimed. a puppet of the horror, a tool to enliven the dwarves to a cause that is false. whether or not he holds claim to the throne matters not. he is tainted beyond recovery and slaying the horror to free the people of scytha is what matters. I doubt anyone here knows the location of the crown now. but we’ve missed the window of exit from the duhn, and the dragon appears to speak the truth. he’s agreed to take us out of here if I help him to trap the horror, he didn’t say “kill, or slay” but from our conversation it appears that alone is probably impossible, so the best chance is to trap it by finding all its parts.
he gave me a piece of his horn to “prove” to the daughters of Agea that I have slain him. a gift.
Baelthazon either knows skyraiders or sees the freedom of my spirit and did not insult me by attempting to ask for loyalty. I hope that allies can be made of dragons…
perhaps he knows the honor of words, or perhaps he has grown apathetic with half a millenia of imprisonment. either way we have agreed to work together to take the horror down.
Tianna looks pretty banged up, maybe a sprained wrist, she’s been favoring her arm pretty well. but nothing major.
not like netherwind. Netherwind doesn’t look so good his shoulder is out of place, the left side of his head looks numb. he can’t raise his arm he keeps it curled in and winces whenever he reaches for anything, or the slightest bump. he’s the worst off but you have to give him credit for sacrificing his health to make sure we survived. renny is just as banged up as usual. but he’s always kinda sickly so its hard to tell where he’s injured or just clumsy.
those cadavermen broke my rib I’ll be fine in a week, that’s what I get for grabbing a hold of all of them to make sure netherwind got to secure our safety.
The hand came out of his staff. I think if we broke his staff the hand wouldn’t give us much trouble at all, OMG the bell, how could I have forgotten about the bell, if we have to fight that guy again. someone will have to make sure he doesn’t ring the bell. I might be able to sever the chain. but perhaps grabbing it and throwing him around would be better, he can’t cast any spells if rok is slinging him into the walls.
Rok let me borrow a massive battleaxe, he seemed a bit surprised at how well I handled it after he gave it to me, perhaps there is some trick to it I just naturally picked up? I owe him one for rescuing my storm armor from the enemy. we’ll need to go raiding to secure some more provisions after having lost alot of our supplies.
I must have been out for a long time, boy am I hungry



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