The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

Kings Log Day 466

talk to the hand

the darkness calls, forshadowing that I was “lost” in a seemingly straight hallway, now I am lost without companions without the only thing I trusted. the storm calls to me, I hear it still telling me to get up, chiding me that my legend has not yet been written into the library of throal immortalized for ages to come, insulted that I should be apart.
in my dream the failure repeats over and over again, “stick to the plan I said, we can make this out if we stick to the plan.” but he had to go and charge in without thinking.
I told him they all wear masks, and we find the ONLY thing down here not wearing a mask, and instead of thinking he’s not bound to their rules perhaps he might not attack us, our fearless scout decides its just a dorf I can take him. ashamed I thought for a moment to shut the door on him, a life of shame is not better than an honorable death.
just have to remember he’s not been out in the real world very long he’ll come around soon enough.
I can hear her voice calling not yet young hero perhaps it is not my time to fall afterall,
my strength returns,
guide me through the darkness my senses betray me…



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