The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

Stalkers in the Sand


Having rested, the party tries again to enter the domain of the sand stalkers. Trying outsmart them, the groups up in twos and traverses the sand in separate directions. At first, they try to move at different times, luring the constructs toward them before stopping and allowing the others to move. The stalks soon learn the trick and focus their attacks on Cassius and Galea. Lee and Nadroj, rush to help, but the group discover the stalkers are too well protected and must retreat. Deciding to rest near the Kaers entrance, the group is surprised when the kaer doors open again and the Loremaster is waiting to greet them. The group decides to rest for five weeks, before returning to the kaer.

At the urgings of the Loremaster, the group re-enters the kaer and proceeds to the sand pit with the crawlers. Lee, having watched the foul beasts in combat, discover that the stalkers are most vulnerable when they spring out of the sand to attack. Relaying the information to the others, they soon coordinate their attacks as the creatures attack. They make short work of one sand stalkers and the other flees to the safety of the sand. Searching the room, they find a stone block in the center of the room. It vaguely reminds them of an alter with various items on top. Taking the items that look useful, the group delves deeper into the kaer.

Deeper into Metura, the walls become smoother, as if worked by dwarven hands.

Items Found

5 flasks
1 banded mail (rusted)
1 full plate (rusted)
1 greataxe (nadroj)
1 longsword (Cassius)
1 scimitar (Lee)
1 studded leather armor (rotted)
3 gems – galea
1 pendant – galea

Moss room, used for food source
Purse 34 SP Scythan



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