The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

The Battle of Sturmheim

Game Synopsis

Wrestling through the crowd, Cassius asks the dwarf about Sturmheim’s plight. The dwarf retells the events of the attack on Sturmheim by the ork scorchers of the Steel Viper Clan. The skorchers, aided by the human brigands that had been harassing Sturmheim for some length, stormed the village in the waning light of the setting sun two days ago. The dwarf militia formed a defensive perimeter near the center of town, but the orks circled the outer edge of town, setting the many abandoned buildings on fire. When the town was fully ablaze, the skorchers charged in, easily slaying the townsfolk that were desperately fighting the fire. Unable to fight both the fire and the skorchers, the townsfolk retreated to the Inn of the Dancing Dragon. Knowing they could not last against the skorchers and brigands, ten dwarves volunteered to seek aid from a nearby village.

The dwarves broke up into two groups, one heading north and one heading south. The dwarves rode hard out of Sturmheim and were beset by skorchers the entire time they rode. The five dwarves rode hard for two days with out sleep, walking their horses at night to keep the from going lame. Of the five that left south, only two made it to Metura; one does not look like he will last the night.

Enraged, Cassius is determined to return to Sturmheim and free the villagers. Disregarding his companions’ pleas to assess the situation rationally, Cassius hastened to the Foundation Stone demanding any able-bodied adepts to assist him in freeing Sturmheim. When none step forward, Cassius spits in disgust, turns, and leaves. Seeking Tenkar Stoneshield, the captain of Metura’s Guards, Cassius requests any assistance the town can muster; Cassius is surprised when Stoneshield agrees to send twenty Scythan guards.

Deciding haste is the best option, the group leaves almost immediately. Their elation is short lived when they realize that the Scythan guard are ponderously slow. Cassius begins to worry that this will delay them too much and he decides to go ahead of the troupe with Lee and Galea. Leaving Rok and Nadroj with the Scythan guards, the trio advances towards Sturmheim post haste.

Arriving at the edge of Sturmheim after three days of hard marching, the trio spies the ork scorchers riding patrols around the village. They watch as one of the patrols drags a dwarf to the edge of town, thrust a dagger into his chest twice and ride off. The wounded dwarf, tries valiantly to return to the last standing building in the center of town, but each subsequent patrol rides past, taking a swing at the injured dwarf. The dwarf pushes himself until one of the skorchers lands a fatal blow and the dwarf crumples to the dirt and ash.

Cassius realizes that these skorchers are the same orks that waylaid him, stealing his belongings, and leaving him to die before he met up with Lee. Seeking a closer look at the the ork encampment, the trio cautiously move closer. Distracted Lee does not realize that the orks can see him; a band of five orks spur their mounts in the trios directions before his companions can tell Lee to get down. Rather than allow his friends to be discovered, Lee runs off into a small wooded area, where the skorchers have to dismount in order to fight him. While none of these skorcher would be any match for Lee, the five together are able overpower the Lee and knock him unconscious.

With Lee captured by the skorchers, Cassius waits until nightfall to try and reach the villagers. After Cassius informs Galea to seek Nodraj, Rok, and the Scythan dwarves should he not return, Cassius creeps through the night like a hunting skeorx. Halfway to the Inn, Cassius notices a pair of disembodied eyes intently staring at him a few feet away. Backing away and raising his pollaxe in defense, the skorcher camp ignites into activity. Fearing he has been discovered, Cassius sprints for the cover the night away from town; a group of skorchers blaze out of camp not long after. Cassius uses the cover of night to his advantage, changing his course every few hundred yards to throw off his pursuers. The skorchers seem unaffected by the dark and quickly run down the lone warrior. Fighting like a cornered lion, Cassius manages to end the life of one of the vile vipers before succumbing to the superior numbers assailing him.

Waking the next morning, Cassius and Lee find themselves tied in the skorcher encampment. Discussing their plight, Lee sets upon a plan of escape. He quickly unties himself and Cassius and, with no better options, he rushed his ork captors. Cassius follows suit, but in their weakened condition, they are easily overpowered. Lee wastes no time in taunting the the orks until he knocked unconscious again. As the orks are deciding what to do with the two humans, the sound of a Brithan horn splits the air. Looking to the south-west, the orks quickly mount up and head towards the call. The Brigands also start breaking camp and heading towards the sound.

Left with only a single ork to guard them, Cassius and Lee, having now regained consciousness, launch another attack on their captor. The single ork tries half-heartedly to subdue the two warriors before leaving to join his clansmen in battle. Once free of their bindings, the two quickly search the camp before setting it on fire. They find the remaining villagers fortified in the Inn of the Dancing Dragon. After telling Valdar of recent events, the captain of the gaurd decides to use the distraction to get the villagers away from Sturmheim. The villagers provide the two with some equipment and Valdar loans his family sword to Cassius.

Cassius and Lee hasten to the battle sight, but find the conflict well over by the time they arrive. The slain bodies of orks, humans, and dwarves litter the field and there is no clear victor in this battle. The two search the bodies, but do not find Nadroj, Rok, or Galea. Cassius finds their equipment on a slain horse and the two ponder their next move…

Items Gained:

Content Not Found: scythan-bronze-drusus Lee
Valdar’s sword
Leather Armor
Backpack Food
2weeks Ration

63 Throalic Silver Tavs
43 Sturmheim Silver Denars
12 Theran Silver Denars
52 Theran Bronze Dupons
190 Throalic Copper Hammers
87 Theran Bronze As

Legend Points

300 LP General Roleplaying
100 LP Acquiring help from Metura
100 LP Helping Sturmheim’s people
100 LP Defeating 2 orks

Total: 600 (200 each Lee Cassisu and Galea)

Individual Awards:
Cassius: 500 LP for rushing to Sturmheim’s aid



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