The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

The Dream

the stone, it just came alive and took them.

King’s log day:465

It has been far too long since I was resting in a bed, too soon was my dreams almost ready to show and then the revelation hit me. “he’s working for HIM!” I can’t let the plan succeed I must somehow find what they are looking for and hide it from getting back to him. I shall use his own device against his perpetual insistence on killing me.

Screams coming from the city, of course my first instinct is to help, but then the bed calls back to me. We are in a town they have guards to help with this sort of thing, prolly nothing more than a building caught on fire, well it can’t hurt to go poke my face and offer to help. as I was putting on my armor, I still don’t go anywhere without it… they make fun of me sometimes but I keep reminding them if they had it then they’d do the same.

(BANG BANG BANG) “get up ya lazy bugger!” her voice was shrill and rocked me the rest of the way awake. that elf the archer. I don’t know why I didn’t respond but I sat in silence getting my armor ready for battle. before continuing out.

Everything is a bit fuzzy after that. when I finally came to my senses I was alone and duty called. a dwarf cowering in fear alone within my sight, and the hero within took over. I’ve never fought these things before but they were all teeth. I thought with the non adepts around it would be best to keep moving. I grabbed the dwarf and told her to keep close, I’ve done this before. using my body as a shield from the cadavermen I protected her until she could burst through the foliage. but surprise surprise, there was more horrors there. I ran around grabbing everyone I could. the forge was a good building to go to, but as i glanced behind me there were too many gnashers to be able to get anyone inside to open the door. so we ran. I’m going to invent a sport that capitalizes on runing by and knocking people down, “dwarfball” yeah yeah. sounds catchy.
at least I could save 2 innocents. I lost another, a gargoyle was flying off with him and I only had 1 shot. I fear the horrible things they will do to that poor soul, we must go in to the duhn and put him out of his misery.

The guards have their skin pulled taught back as if they’ve been rotting away for a while this leads me more to my conclusion that the captain is the evil of the kaer, or perhaps still being manipulated by it.

None of the masks seen from living or dead dwarves are anything other than the faction of the mask of ithon, curious if there’s 4 factions, where are the other masks.

We need to get into the kaer, I need to ask the loremaster if the weaponsmiths in the town can do anything with my weapons to help in the coming battles, or adding something to my shield to let me catch my enemies weapons in it, disarming them or breaking the weapon.

More thoughts tomorrow, as always I hope that I live long enough to tell you my travels myself children, and you don’t have to just read this journal.



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