The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

The Dwarf Outpost Duhn Korinth

Game Synopsis

After learning of the rumor of a kaer, the groups sets out from yalding in search of Kaer Metura. Heading toward the constellation Floranuus, the party travels for five days before seeing a large black spire jutting over the horizon. Traveling closer, the party discovers the spire surrounded by the stone wall of a dwarfish outpost. The seamless walls of the town stand twenty feet high and are patrolled by Dwarf warriors wearing strange bronze masks of a bearded dwarf.

As they approach the east gate, a large human, apparently one of the town guards, blocks their path and inquires about the party’s identity and intentions. Satisfied with their answers, Tras directs them over to the Revenue Hall by the West Gate. The Revenue Hall is a stone building with spartan decor. Tathik Glodreddi, a Throalic tax collector, inquires to each party members identities, makes a notation in his ledger, and informs each one they are restricted to the Gate Ward with barely a look in the adventurers direction.

Walking through the colorful market in the Gate Ward, the party is surprised to see such a wide array of merchants for such a small town. Although it does not rival the markets in Bartertown, nearly two dozen vendors trade goods with merchants that pass through the Gate Ward. After sampling the market, the group decides to take a rest at the Arcane Star. Owned and operated by elf couple, the Arcane Star caters to traveling spell casters. The proprietor Theiras Nightshade, a tall blonde elf, wears the ornate robes that were common before the Scourge. In contrast, his wife Nemeia dresses black robes of Cathayan silk. Although the clientele and mannerism indicate that they are adepts, the two avoid such inquiries into their characters.
Cassius returns to the Revenue Hall and inquires on visiting the town outside of the Gate Ward. Tathik informs him that only citizens and respected merchants are allowed beyond the Trade Gate to the city proper. A plan forms in Cassius’ mind and he spends his last five silver to purchase five sheets of paper. Rushing back to the Arcane Star Cassius blurts out his plan to create fake treasure maps to sell so they can get into the Trade Ward of the city.

While Cassius was out, another dwarf introduced himself to Galea. The Scythan named Nadroj, now sitting with Galea, interjects that he had plans to visit the kear entrance and they could “accompany him”. Looking forlornly at the five sheets of parchment, Cassius slowly rolls them up and puts them away in the pack. Galea and Cassius accompany Nodraj to the entrance of the kaer, a black spire fifty feet high. The entrance doors are covered in arcane runes leaving no inch of the surface unmarked. Their escort, Thara Silverleaf, informs them that only the Loremaster knows how to open the doors, but it is strictly forbidden.

Screams pierce the air as the group heads back towards the Gate Ward. Purple-robed, bronze mask-wearing dwarfs rush from the black spire grabbing people in the streets and dragging them back towards the entrance of the Kaer. Thara rushes towards the nearest adversary with Cassius and Nodraj following shortly behind. The three easily put the mask wearing dwarf on the defensive with Nodraj delivering a crippling blow. The raid quickly finishes and the dwarf runs back to the Kaer to join his companion. Nodraj throws his sword at the fleeing dwarf as Cassius gives chase. Unwilling to allow the dwarf to escape, Cassius slashes the dwarf from behind causing him to fall into the entrance of the Kaer. His companions pull him in as Cassius watches the doors close a seal the inhabitants inside once again.

In he aftermath, Nodraj finds a bronze drusus that the dwarf dropped; Cassius realizes that Galea cannot be found. Fearing the worst, Cassius begins yelling for his companion. Thara escorts the Nodraj and Cassius back to the Gate Ward, promising to search for their lost friend. Cassius impatiently leaves the town with the intentions of climbing the wall under the cover of darkness. After sunset, the town gates are closed; Cassius and Nodraj find that scaling the walls of the town an impossible task. Stranded outside the walls, the two return to the Arcane Star the next morning. They discover that Galea and Lee are having breakfast and Galea has secured a meeting withe Loremaster. Nodraj discovers the bronze drusus to be unworkable and ruins a set of forge tools borrowed from the general store. Cassius takes time to make himself presentable to the Loremaster.

Items Gained:

Content Not Found: scythan-bronze-drusus

Legend Points Awarded

300 LP General Roleplaying
300 LP Fight with the masked dwarf

Total: 600 (200 each Nadroj, Cassisu, Galea)

Individual Awards:
Nodraj: 200 LP Comedy Award



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