The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

The Meeting

The Last Circle...wasn't last.

Tianna and Thovar arrived in the market square, innocent tianna marveling at the number of merchants and their wares, Thovar sticking close to his friend watching for cutpurses and those who would make off with their meager coin. and of course as fate would have it they found one.

RENNY!” tianna’s melodic voice pierced the static of the market. Thovar pretending to just now notice the dark brooding figure walking directly toward them.

“what are you doing here?” the thief’s standard accusitory tone belying his true intentions. before tianna could give away their reasons for being so far north thovar spoke as if to answer the question. “…and Renny you are looking good, life’s been grand since you left the circle. what brings you to cross paths with destiney?”

a gleeming glint of mischeif in the thief’s eye, “well funny you should mention, meet me in the bar around the corner.”

tianna excited to hear stories of her old friend’s exploits.

entering the bar Thovar shrugs his cloak back revealing the lightning dancing around his armor, sizing up the nonreaction of the inhabitants, hoping it is more not caring than not noticing.

“Hoi Rok!” seeing an old friend who spilled blood in battle together both their own and enemies. looking casually around and peering down in embarrassment at the dwarf striding toward him, tianna broke the ice with tales of adventurous conversation. Thovar taking the time everyone else was vying for conversation to chat with Galea showing a few new trophies and sliding her an old small tome under the table, “…nothing of value but you might like it reading.”

Renny then took command of the conversation at the friendly accusation of his attempts to take the party treasury, by slapping a gold piece to the table. “for all debts i owe, consider them paid.” he continued to tell a tale of a mask of power that once belonged to the dwarf Ithon the Demolisher. Known for razing entire towns during the Breaking of the Scythan Nation. knowing the name it appears the dwarves of the kaer are descendants. almost as if he wasn’t listening, thovar spoke after renny had finished his story. “hey! its a sign the threads of fate have woven us together the only thing that would make this an unrefusable epic is if netherwind was here!” as if on cue the doors to the bar swung open wide and a gust of wind sifted dust from outside. in slow motion the table encompassing the last, of the last circle turned to view the stranger in the doorway. silence befalling the tavern. lifting her cowl back the stranger in the doorway showed herself to be an elf, and not netherwind.

the group continued to discuss and eventually the elf calle rok out, revealing herself as the sister of their fallen comrad SHORTY MCKRAKEN. a short battle of words and the short but heartfelt words of the elementalist tianna calmed the elf to trust the group as shorty had…well…perhaps just trusting they were telling teh truth. an agreement to investigate the kaer… and talk to the guards.

a quick visit to the loremaster, and as fate would have it the loremaster talking to none other than netherwind. the fates brought them together, some will fall some will rise. but destiney has her way.



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