Traveled Scholar Documenting the Trials of Adventurers

NAME: Galea DISCIPLINE : Traveled Scholar (3)
RACE: Dwarf AGE: 19
Height: 3’9” ft Weight: 176 lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Attribute Step/Dice
Dexterity (15) : 6 / 1d10
Strength (14) : 6 / 1d10
Toughness (15) : 6 / 1d10
Perception (19**) : 8 / 2d6
Willpower (16) : 7 / 1d12
Charisma (13) : 6 / 1d10
Heat Site
Defenses Initiative Armors Capacity Karma Movement (Land)
Physical : 8 Step : 4 Physical : 7 Carrying : 125 lbs Dice : 1d6 Full : 52 yds/round
Spell : 10 Dice : 1d6 Mystic : 2 Lifting : 250 lbs Max : 15 Combat : 26 yds/round
Social : 7
Death Rating Wound Threshold Unconcious Rating Recovery Tests Recovery Step
56 10 45 3 1d10
Talent Rank Disc. Karma Action Strain Dice
Evidence Analysis (3/Per)11 No No No 1 1d10+1d8
Item History (3/Per) 11 Yes No No 1 1d10+1d8
Karma Ritual (Traveled Scholar) (3/Cha)9 Yes No No 1 1d8+1d6
Read/Write Languages (3/Per)11 Yes No Yes 0 1d10+1d8
Research (3/Per)11 Yes No Yes 0 1d10+1d8
Speak Languages (3/Per)11 Yes No Yes 0 1d10+1d8
Book Memory (4/Wil)11 Yes Yes Yes 0 1d10+1d8
Durability(6/5) (NA) Yes Yes Yes 0 na
Melee Weapons (2/Dex)8 Yes Yes Yes 0 2d6
Astral Sight (1/Per)9 Yes Yes Yes 0 1d8+1d6
Search (1/Per)9 Yes Yes Yes 0 1d8+1d6
Skill Rank Action Dice
Artisan: Dancing (1/Cha)7 Yes 1d12
K: Heraldry (1/Per)6 No 1d10
K: The Passions (1/Per)6 No 1d10
Climbing (1/Dex)7 Yes 1d12
Conversation (1/Cha)7 No 1d12
Diplomacy (1/Cha)7 Yes 1d12
Flirting (1/Cha)7 Yes 1d12
Great Leap (1/???)[?] Yes ?d?
Sprint (1/???)[?] Yes ?d?
Trick Riding (1/Dex)7 Yes 1d12
R/W Throalic ( 1/Per)6 Yes 1d10
Speak Throalic ( 1/Per)6 Yes 1d10
Speak Landisian ( 1/Per)6 Yes 1d10
Gear Weapons Armor
Rider’s Boots Dwarven Pollaxw Chanin Mail
Week of Rations Damage: Step X Footman’s Shield
“Scythan Bronze” Breast plate Landis Broadsword (Valdar)
Bedroll Scythan Bronze Drusus

The party met Galea when they were helping a merchant reach her village, Lang. The Human thief Renny showed no compunction about flirting with Galea. Attracted by his roguish looks, Galea saw the group as an opportunity to escape the village life. Galea found that her reputation with the group was tarnished as the considered her less than reputable because of Renny’s lecherous ways.

Unresigned, Galea continued along as long as the group would have her and although she received her unfair share of taunts and jeers from the group, proved to be a valuable ally. Once the group made it to Throal, she was able to learn the ways of the Scholar and became an adept. She applied to be a scholar at the Library of Throal, but was not accepted. Since then she has continued to travel with the group, forming a relationship with Rok.


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