Glorn Bruin

Dane of the North


Dane Glorn Bruin is a member of the trading House Byril’ah. Scheming and ambition, his presence in the royal court of Throal has always been questionable. Although his loyalties are not in question, he places his house’s interest above all others. To satiate his appetite, Beracia, the head of House Byril’ah, convinced the King Valaruus to name him as Dane in the northern hinterlands and sent him to the remote trading post of Midland.

Glorn found Midland to be too far removed for his likings. The occasional adventuring group or even less occasional merchant, provided him little information or opportunity. After discovering CopperTun, a copper mining camp near the western edge of the Caucavic mountains, Glorn relocated, ascertaining that CopperTun was the most lucrative place in the northern hinterlands.

Glorn quickly established trade agreements between CopperTun and Kingsford on one of the Serpent river’s tributaries. This has increased the wealth of both towns substantially, but not enough to bring more trade to the area. Glorn feels this is affected by the presence of Rollo Redbeard who he deems a fraud and an upstart. Although the village of Trollheim, Rollo’s base of camp, is less than a week travel from CopperTun, Glorn refuses to assist the community and pays orks to actively deter merchants away from Tollheim.

Glorn Bruin

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