Guie Le`Blanc

Childhood Friend of Cassius


“My Lord Lady, already I have slain more orks than I have fingers and toes. I have seen my own men fall—men I have raised goblets with, men I have trained with and rode with in this past year, men that have trained me. Yet I still do this, my Lord Lady. I do this for Brannon, and I do this for you!”


Guie hails from the Brannon kaer as the mirror reflection of chivalry: loyal, brave, eloquent, virtuous, skilled with the sword, lance, and bow. His family is one of wealth, well-thought of by the marquise and her court. They are known for their balls and poetry, and have a good history as advisors.

When given the chance to venture out with Cassius to fulfill their childhood dreams of rediscovering Landis, he chose to stay at kear to please his family by joining the heavy cavalry unit in the Légion de Brannon. Unlike Cassius, he knows who to please and when, and is moving up the ranks very swiftly. Is it fate, or just echoes of favoritism towards the Le`Blancs?

Guie Le`Blanc

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