Kahrne Silveraxe

Dwarf Warlord in the Northern Hinterlands


Kahrne is a well renown warrior in the Thraolic army. He has pledged many years to the defense of Thraol and won many battles. Although he openly voiced his disapproval on the premature campaign against Thera, he marched along side his comrades to the massacre of Prajor’s Field. He watched alot of his men die and could no longer server a foolish and arrogant king. When he had returned to Throal he announce his resignation from the Throalic army and was accused of desertion. He accussed the royal court of slavery. The royal court was unprepared for the public support Kahrne received and the King was forced to banish Kahrne from Throal. Kharne left for the northern hinterlands with a few followers; his surviving men deserted the Thraol army the next day.

In the north, Kahrne carved a name for himself in the town of [greystone] where he managed to fight off two ork skorcher tribes. Silveraxe began patrolling the area around Graystone, actively hunting various ork scorcher tribes. Over the years, Silveraxe has brought five villages under his protections and skorchers find it wiser to avoid the areas he protects.

Both Rollo and Bruin have asked Silveraxe to join their cause, but Kahrne laughs at would-be rulers that have no combat experience or concern for their people’s welfare. While he does not openly defy the crown, the villages are more willing to pay for Silveraxe’s men to stay well fed than to pay Throalic or Scythan taxes. This has vexed Bruin and looks at some way to get Silveraxes area of influence. Rollo steers clear of Kahrne, hoping that they will never have to meet as enemies.

Kahrne Silveraxe

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