Klaz Ukane

"Mina... I'll find you, if it kills me."

NAME: Klaz Ukane DISCIPLINE : Scout (3)
RACE: human AGE: 24
Height: 5’8" ft Weight: 168 lbs
Attribute Step/Dice
Dexterity (14) : 6 / 1d10
Strength (16) : 7 / 1d12
Toughness (16) : 7 / 1d12
Perception (12) : 5 / 1d8
Willpower (14) : 6 / 1d10
Charisma (14) : 6 / 1d10
Defenses Initiative Armors Capacity Karma Movement (Land)
Physical : 9 Step : 6 Physical : 6 Carrying : ?? lbs Dice : 1d8 Full : ?? yds/round
Spell : 7 Dice : 1d10 Mystic : ? Lifting : ?? lbs Max : 8 Combat : ?? yds/round
Social : 8
Death Rating Wound Threshold Unconcious Rating Recovery Tests Recovery Step
48 11 38 3 1d12
Talent Rank Disc. Karma Action Strain Dice
Nair Dance (2/Dex)8 No No No 1 2d6
Skill Rank Action Dice
Artisan: Dancing (1/Cha)7 Yes 1d12
Gear Weapons Armor
Rider’s Boots Dwarven Pollaxw Chanin Mail
Week of Rations Damage: Step X Footman’s Shield
“Scythan Bronze” Breast plate Landis Broadsword (Valdar)
Bedroll Scythan Bronze Drusus

misunderstandings. suspicion. regret. solitude.

it wasn’t always like this. it all began back then, in my hometown, Kear Daralon. it was four years ago. i was seventeen. father was a merchant, and mother was a painter. they were beautiful together, really—father selling mother’s decorated canvases. times were great then. we had recently colonized a real town outside the kaer, and life was thriving. everywhere, there was life and energy, singing and dancing, merchants like my father lining the streets and calling for buyers to see their goods, barmaids dancing and singing in the taverns. the people of Kear Daralon were so happy to be out in the sun, finally free of the second scourge, not a worry in the world.

i was a free spirit back then—not a rebellious child, but one with a strong heart and an open mind. my father wanted me to stay there and learn the business, but i didn’t appreciate the profession. i wanted to do my own thing. i had met a girl, mina, and i wanted to be with her. i would spend my days and nights sneaking off to the farm where she lived, doing my best to not let her father see me as i snuck around and quietly let her know i was there for her. we would go back into the woods and do whatever our heart felt was appropriate. climb the trees, hide and seek, spy on the birds, whatever we could manage to come up with. soon, i fell for her and realized we were in love. it wasn’t long before i would taste her kisses under the moonlight in a secret grove we had found for the two of us.

mina was my world, but just as fast as we had found each other, trouble found us. our fathers were rivals, it turned out. for some reason, my father wouldn’t sell her father’s crop for some prior scuffle they had been in (a business deal gone sour, i suppose—there was no time to find this out). mina’s father found out i was seeing her, and he soon learned whose son i was. he didn’t trust me at all, and both of our fathers made a lot of ruckus over it in the town.

i didn’t let that stop me! i knew her heart was mine no matter what troubles there were out there. instead of sneaking to her farm, we had our secret grove where we would meet each other in the night. for a while, it was perfect. nobody knew where it was. but one night, she didn’t show up. i waited and waited, but she never came. finally, when it was almost dawn, i left back. i had to get back before my father noticed i was out. when i got back, all the townspeople were there there waiting for me, with pitchforks and hoes for makeshift weapons.

i was shocked. i didn’t know what had happened, so i just froze. jaern, the tavern master, stepped forward and began yelling at me. “where’ve you been all night, boy!? you’d better have a good explanation for yourself!” what were they talking about? such a strong reaction for being gone for a night? “what the hell did you do at old man hinns’?! the farm’s on fire and you’re the only one missing! why’d you go and do it, klaz? now we gotta kill you, boy!” what on earth had happened to cause all this? what happened to mina? what the hell were they talking about? her farm was…? did something happen to her?! i took off sprinting toward her farm, and finally got away from them. mina! i have to find mina! i have to save her!

i ran and ran to her farm. when i got there, i saw the terror. everything was on fire, and had been burning for a while. i couldn’t catch my breath and wanted to collapse, but i knew the townspeople were on my heels, and i had to act fast. look, klaz, look around you. what happened here? everything is untouched except for the farm house, the barn, and the grain silo. they’re all blazing. i have to get closer…

i moved up, sneaking through the high grass in front, getting as close as i can. i came to the clearing, and i saw it. mina’s father laid there on a blood-drenched patch of grass just a few yards away from where i was, right in front of the blazing farm house. there was a huge gash in his corpse, from shoulder to navel. he had almost been split in two. his dead face was contorted in ager and agony, and his fist was still clenched around a dagger. i couldn’t believe it. i had never seen anything this grotesque, this vile. how could somebody do this? i felt sick….

a blood trail led away from corpse. he was in a fight? did he wound his opponent? mina! is mina inside? did they take mina with them? who did this? who could have done this? just as i started to move, i was tackled from behind. “we got you now, boy! you’ll pay for this!”

when i came to, i was alone in a room i had never seen. i could hear the townspeople outside chattering and going about their daily business. where was i? i moved, and a sharp pain stung in my side. i realized i was very hot, sweating, and one of my eyes was swollen shut. there was a damp rag on my forehead. what happened? i don’t remember anything. i have to get up, to get out of here. this place is weird. i tried to get up again, and my side hurt more this time. i groaned loudly with the sharp pain and fell back down. what the hell happened to me?

an old man came through the door in haste. “oh, my, don’t do that. you’ve been flailing around for three days like that. you’re only going to hurt yourself more, young man.” when he saw i was ‘alright’, he quit moving towards me. his face grew serious. “hmm, you’ve finally come to.” when i asked him what he meant, he patiently began explaining that i was suspected of kidnapping mina hinns and razing the hinns farm. the townspeople found me and chased me back to their farm, and gave me a good beating there. broke two ribs and nearly crushed my skull.

instead of jumping with worry at mina’s name this time, i sunk down with depression as my memories gifted my heart with a heavy burden and realized there was nothing i could do to help. i had failed her, and now the people of Kear Daralon are against me. what could i do? what could have i done? my weakness overwhelmed me, and my sorrow turned to anger. i could have gone to check on her earlier instead of waiting in the grove like an idiot all night long! why did i do that? what was i thinking?

i was depressed for a very long time. the old man finally introduced himself as reen, and saw to it that i regained my health. in a matter of weeks, i was able to get up and out. i walked the streets of Kear Daralon, but it wasn’t the same at all. nobody talked to me. some vendors threw their old crops at me. my father and mother wouldn’t speak to me because they thought i was genuinely involved in that whole plot, and disowned me to clear their name of the whole ordeal. i was lonely. i had my weakness, my regret, and the old man reen.

one day, reen told me i had to get out. i was well and could fend for myself now, and there was no use in harboring a deadbeat who didn’t have any will to find his way. this offended me at first, but from that anger, a fire awoke in me. reen was right. i couldn’t do anything there. i had to go find my mina. when he told me i had to leave, i didn’t respond. i just looked down, flared up, and thought about it for a moment.

“reen, you’re right. i have to do something. i’m going to find her. i need rations, a bedroll, a good knife…” reen smiled. “now that’s more like it. young man, i saved your life. don’t you dare insult my efforts and go get yourself killed again. but don’t you dare fail either.” he paused for a moment. “i’ll go with you for a while. i’ve lived almost my whole life in the darkness of the kaer, and i want to see what’s out there.”

and there it was. i had lost my lover, my town’s trust, my parents’ trust, and everything i had grown up believing in. but here i was, off to find the girl most important to me and rescue her. i had no clue of where she went, and no clue of what to look for, but i was going to find her. i was going to make it all right, and this old man insisted on helping me do it.

my first instinct was to go back to the farm. reen wanted to get some supplies first. to my surprise, the last place we went was the blacksmith. he bought a couple of swords and handed one to me. he had been involved in the defense of the kaer, he explained, and had learned the use of various martial weapons there. “it’s ok, i’ll show you how to use it later. just put it away for now.”

we finally finished up in town (still nobody said anything to me, but at least they just ignored me while reen was there instead of throwing rotten fruit) and reen finally agreed to go with me to the farm. to my surprise, we found something interesting and disgusting—an ork’s rotting hand beside where i had found her father’s corpse that night. now everything was coming back to me. the size of his wound, the clenched dagger, the trail of blood leading away… reen explained this had to be from a skorcher detail, probably plundering. we set off, cold on the trail.

the going was slow, and we searched and searched for a year. to my surprise, reen stayed with me until he died in battle beside me. he taught me everything he knew, and was always commenting on how well i was doing. thanks, old man. thanks for believing in me and teaching me. i’ve been alone for three years now, trying to find my mina. she has to be out there somewhere. i know the passions wouldn’t let her die. finding her is written in the stars, and i know i’ll find her one day. i’ve learned a lot about the world, and it’s been hard to trust anybody after all that.

Klaz Ukane

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