Morganna Ironshod

Dwarf Merchant from Urupa


Morganna is a wealthy merchant from the city of Urupa. She inherited the Ironshod Trading House when her father was killed on a expedition to Vivane. Having no brothers, Morganna has had to work twice as hard to prove herself a capable leader. Most expected her to fail and some of her clansmen were none to happy when she proved them wrong after the first year. There has been numerous attempts on her life and because of it, she travels with a retinue of adepts and a personal assistant that screens all of her meetings. She has become shrewd and taciturn, rarely allowing others to see any emotion that may be considered a weakness. As a result, she has become known as Iron Anna, but none call her that to her face.

Some say she has travelled to the northern hinterlands to court Redbeard. Ambitious and opportunistic, many think she seeks to elevate herself to the status of royalty because she cannot become a Throalic courtier. Morganna neither confirms nor denies these allegations convinced people will have their own opinion despite whatever she says. Rollo expertly dodges any questions about personal relationships.

Morganna is a gracious hosts and willingly meets with anyone who has business opportunities that increase the holdings of her trading house.

Morganna Ironshod

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