Rollo Redbeard

Self Proclaimed Scythan King


Rollo Redbeard is the self-proclaimed heir to the Scythan throne. He claims he has the documentation to prove his claim on the throne and will show anyone who asks, for a fee. Although many laugh at Redbeard’s claims, he has earned a begrudging respect in the northern hinterlands of Barsaive as a leader that is not afraid to get dirty with his people. Often you can find him helping raise a barn or making sure farmers have adequate protection from the hazards of the hinterlands.

Although most of his followers are farmers that are more concerned with their crops than a would-be king’s claim, Rollo has a retinue of loyal retainers. Once a year, he makes a trip to visit the King of Throal. While the king humors Rollo for now, the coming war with Thera may not bode well for the aspiring king.

In the North, things are not going well for Rollo, and some say he is barely able to convince his followers to recognize his lofty goals. Many are content to simply wait out and see what happens, but others feel Rollo is interfering with Throalic laws. Dane Glorn Bruin claims the area in the name of the Throal and openly thwarts Redbeard’s powerbase. Kahrne Silveraxe is also trying to settle the area; a strong warrior with a military background, few try to cross Silveraxe.

Some say Rollo is on the verge of loosing his claim and frantically trying to find some lost piece of Scytha history to rekindle the dwarfs patriotism on his banner. He has hired many adventurers and is welcome to those looking for work.

Rollo Redbeard

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