Thom Hammerblade

Dwarf Weaponsmith


Thom Hammerblade is a dwarven weaponsmith from the Kingdom of Throal. He stands 4’2" tall and weighs 165 pounds. Thom learned the Discipline of the Weaponsmith to honor his father, who was killed in the Theran War. Thom soon grew bored with life within the Kingdom of Throal, and at the age of 26 set out to seek adventure, determined to help the people of Barsaive reclaim their world from the aftermath of the Scourge.

Thom distrusts all humans, and particularly distrusts Therans. The face he shows the world is somewhat harsh and bitter, but he is a fair and just man. His adventures since leaving Throal have taught him much about the other races of Barsaive, and he has learned that what a man can see is often only an illusion hiding the truth.

NAME: Thom Hammerblade DISCIPLINE : Weaponsmith (2)
RACE: Dwarf AGE: 30
Height: 4’2” ft Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Attribute Step/Dice
Dexterity (14) : 6 / 1d10
Strength (14) : 6 / 1d10
Toughness (16) : 7 / 1d12
Perception (16) : 7 / 1d12
Willpower (13) : 6 / 1d10
Charisma (10) : 5 / 1d8
Heat Sight
Defenses Initiative Armors Capacity Karma Movement (Land)
Physical : 8 Step : 2 Physical : 10 Carrying : 125 lbs Dice : 1d6 Full : 10
Spell : 9 Dice : 1d6-1 Mystic : 1 Lifting : 250 lbs Max : 8 Combat : 5
Social : 6
Death Rating Wound Threshold Unconscious Rating Recovery Tests Recovery Step
57(39) 11 46(31) 3 1d12
Talent Rank Disc. Karma Action Strain Dice
Evaluate (2/Per)9 Yes No Standard 0 1d8+1d6
Forge Weapon (3/Per) 9 Yes No Sustained 1 1d8+1d6
Haggle (2/Cha)7 Yes No Sustained 0 1d12
Karma Ritual (Weaponsmith) (2/Cha)7 Yes No Sustained 0 1d12
Melee Weapons (3/Dex)9 No No Standard 0 1d8+1d6
Steel Thought (2/Wil)8 Yes No Free 1 2d6
Durability (6/5) (3) NA NA NA NA NA
Item History (2/Wil)8 Yes No Free 1 2d6
Skill Rank Action Dice
A: Runic Carving (1/Cha)7 Sustained 1d12
K: Ancient Weapons (1/Per)7 Free 1d12
K: Dwarf Trade Routes (2/Per)8 Free 2d6
Craft Weapons (2/Per)8 Sustained 2d6
Body Painting (1/Cha)7 ?? 1d12
History: Throal (2/Dex)9 Free 1d8+1d6
Wilderness Survival (2/Per)8 Free 2d6
R/W Throalic ( 1/Per)7 Yes 1d12
Speak Throalic ( 1/Per)7 Yes 1d12
Speak Scythan ( 1/Per)7 Yes 1d12
Weapon Attack Step/Dice Base Damage Damage Step/Dice Range
Unarmed 6 1d10 - 6 1d10 NA
Broad Sword 9 1d8+1d6 5 11 1d10+1d8 NA
Hand Axe 9 1d8+1d6 4 10 2d8 NA
Throwing Axe 6 1d10 3 9 1d8+1d6 15/25/40
Armor Worn Physical Mystic Init Penalty AD Bonus
Chain Mail 7 0 -3 NA
Footman’s Shield 3 0 -1 2/2
Chain Coif 0 0 0 2/2
Belt Boots, Soft Breeches, Guild Member
Cloak, Wool Gloves, Leather Loyal Smith’s Guild (Pin)
Traveler’s Garb Artisian Tools (Carving) Backpack
Bed Roll 2 Belt Pouches Flint and Steel
Forge Tools Rope, 50’ Sack, Small
3 Torches Trail Rations(1 week) Whetstone
2 Builders
43 Tavs
Unspent Legend Points Legend Point Total Legendary Status
60 3500 0

I am named Thom Hammerblade, weaponsmith from the Kingdom of Throal. I chose the Discipline of the Weaponsmith to honor my father, killed years ago during the Theran War. I shall enter your kaer. But first, hear my story. Not long after my initiation I left the dwarven kingdom, bored with the comfortable life within the mountains of Throal. I sought adventure, and to help reclaim the lands of Barsaive, both from the aftermath of the Scourge, and from the power-hungry Therans, who seek to enslave us.

Following a map given to me by my mentor, I found the Coil River a few days’ journey from Throal. As the Coil is but a tributary of the mighty Serpent River, I knew that if I could find passage on a riverboat it would take me to lands far away. I joined the crew of a t’skrang riverboat soon afterward, heading down the Serpent toward Lake Pyros and the Servos Jungle.

I left ship at Lake Pyros, and traveled many days encountering no one. A band of ork scorchers discovered me one evening as I slept, and took me captive. Death was to be my fate at their hands, but a party of crystal raiders from the Twilight Peaks attacked the scorcher camp, and during the troll raiders’ assault, I managed to escape. My travels eventually led to your village.

I have said I will enter your kaer and confront whatever terror awaits within. Who owns the courage to join me?

Thom Hammerblade

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