Korinthian Bronze Drusus

weapon (melee)

A drusus is a short dwarven sword that can be used for thrusting or slashing. The development of the drusus show the practicality of the dwarven race. The drusus has a two foot blade and a hilt fitted to its wielder’s hand. While not overly ornate, some dwarves choose to decorate their drusus with past deeds and many dwarven societies bestow special swords to denote rank. The pride that dwarfs take in craftsmanship is illustrated in a drusus and many warriors consider the drusus the best weapon of swords of similar lengths.

Weapon Cost Damage Strength Weight Size
Scythan Drusus na 4 6 2 2

Before the Scythan nation was lost to the scourge, the dwarves of Scytha learned to smith a rare mettle that was bronze in color, but as strong as steel. Named after the city it was first forged, Korinthian Bronze became highly sought, and the Bronze Weavers of Korinthia were widely respected. The secret of forging this metal was kept a secret to all but the most trusted Bronze Weavers. With the coming of the scourge and the breaking of the Scythan nation, the knowledge of making Korinthian bronze has been lost.

Korinthian Bronze Drusus

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