Mask of Ithon

Mask worn by Ithon the Demolisher


The Mask of Ithon is a bronze mask crafted in the image of a bull. Crafted from Korinthian bronze, the mask is nearly unbreakable. When worn, the mask covers the wearers face accept for his eyes. There is no mouth slit, so the wearers voice sounds subdued, but a special bronze strip under the mask vibrates when when the wear speaks, giving him a strange and unworldly voice.

# Ranks Max Threads Spell Defense Legen Point Cost
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

The Mask of Ithon is a powerful item that once belonged to the dwarf Ithon the Demolisher. Known for razing entire towns during the Breaking of the Scythan Nation, Ithon was a feared warlord. From the scarce manuscripts that have been found about Scytha, the Mask of Ithon was a bronze mask made in the shape of a bull head. This granted Ithon great strength and fortitude and legend has it that Ithon smote twenty dwarves in a single sweep of his axe. It was believed that the mask was lost during the Breaking, but any who wear the mask are conferred with Ithon’s strength and endurance.

Mask of Ithon

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