Ithon The Demolisher

as told by Grumbar Duskbeard, self proclaimed expert of Duhn Korinth

Aye, I can tell ye about Ithon the Demolisher. Mad Bull of the West they called him. Strong as an Ox and as tall as a troll; as sure as I be sitting in front of ye now. They say he came from mountains that are now in wastes. His skin was blacker than the deepest caverns and his hair was whiter than an ice flyers hide. Many believed he was sent by the passions to unite the tribes after the breaking of Scytha. Many rallied to his banner and those that didn’t were crushed under the hoof of his mount. None could stand against him in single combat. In me kear, I heard tales that he smote ork scorchers in the droves and even Trolls avoided him.

Now most will tell ye that his power resided in his mask, but that was only the part of his magik. Legend says he wielded an axe so sharp, he could hew granite as easily as cutting through air. The axe was crafted by Dvarli, the best bronze weaver of Korinth. The axe was made under a midnight sun and thus shone black as night. Ithon took the axe and proclaimed himself the new prince of Scytha. The Prince’s Axe pulsed with power and legend tells the power it wields arcs across its blade.

With his mask and axe, Ithon was nigh unbeatable, but listen to me now, he had a talisman that protected him from harm. A round disk as large as your palm. The dragon Scytha, protector of the dwarves and where the dwarves got their name, is said to haven given her favor to Ithon. The talisman is said to bear her image and when Ithon donned the magik talisman, his skin became hard as the wyrm’s scales.

Yet treachery be Ithon’s undoing. Ithon was challenged by Warlord Horrus. Horrus was mighty dwarf who forged a pack with a horror. Horrus crafted another of Scytha’s talisman. A trinket of no power. He tricked Ithon’s most trusted follower, Belnan, to switch the talismans as he slept. When the two locked blades, Ithon had not the protection he thought and Horrus used this to wrestle the Prince’s Axe from him. Horrus tossed the axe to Belnan who fled with his liege’s weapon. Even as powerful as Ithon be, he was no match for the horror before him. He fought the corrupted warlord for 9 days before the horror was able to best him. But with his dying curse, Ithon swore vengeance on the Horror and Belnan the betrayer. It is said the Ithon will not die until justice has been reaped on Belnan and the Horror possessing Horrus is slain.

Ithon The Demolisher

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