Human Nethermancer

NAME: Netherwind DISCIPLINE : Nethermancer (3)
RACE: Human AGE: 24
Height: 5’9” ft Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Attribute Step/Dice
Dexterity (14) : 6 / 1d10
Strength (13) : 6 / 1d10
Toughness (13) : 6 / 1d10
Perception (17) : 7 / 1d12
Willpower (17) : 7 / 1d12
Charisma (12) : 5 / 1d8
Versatility (0)
Defenses Initiative Armors Capacity Karma Movement (Land)
Physical : 8 Step : 5 Physical : 5 Carrying : 110 lbs Dice : 1d6 Normal : 12 Squares
Spell : 9 Dice : 1d8 Mystic : 3 Lifting : 220 lbs Max : 10 Combat : 6 Squares
Social : 7
Death Rating Wound Threshold Unconcious Rating Recovery Tests Recovery Step
44 9 37 2 1d10
Talent Rank Disc. Karma Action Strain Dice
1st Circle
Astral Sight (3/Per)10 yes No Simple 0 2d8
Karma Ritual (Nethermancer) (3/Cha)8 Yes No Sustained 0 2d6
Read/Write Magic (3/Per)10 Yes No Standard 1 2d8
Spell Casting (4/Per)11 Yes No Standard 0 1d8,1d10
Spell Matrix (3) NA NA NA NA NA
Spell Matrix (2) NA NA NA NA NA
Thread Weaving (3/Per)10 Yes No Sustained 0 2d8
2nd Circle
Durability(4/3) (3) NA NA NA NA NA
Frighten (3/Wil)10 Yes Yes Standard 0 2d8
3rd Circle
Spell Matrix (1) NA NA NA NA NA
Spirit Talk (1/Per)8 Yes Yes Simple 1 2d6
Skill Rank Action Dice
A: Embroidary (2/Cha)7 Sustained 1d12
K: Alchemy (1/Per)8 Free 2d6
K: Horrors (2/Per)9 Free 1d8+1d6
Lip Reading (1/Per)8 Simple 2d6
Evaluate (2/Per)9 Standard 1d8+1d6
Haggle (2/Cha)7 Sustained 1d12
Evidence Analysis (1/Per)8 Standard 2d6
Speak Languages (2/Per)9 Free 1d8+1d6
Throalic, Theran
Read/Write Languages (1/Per)8 Sustained 2d6
Armor Physical Mystic Penalty Note
Hardened Armor 5 0 1
Weapon Damage Forged Dice Note
Staff (4/Str)10 0 2d8
Adventurer’s Kit Traveler’s Garb Embroidery Tools
Nethermancer Grimoire Knife Trail Rations(1 week)
Wizard Grimoire (2) Booster Potion (+8) Rope, 30’
Bag (items will not rot)
XX Silver
Unspent Legend Points Spent Legend Points Legend Point Total Legendary Status
460 5,050 5,510 Novice

The party met Netherwind on the road from Lang to Parlainth. Although quite and withdrawn most of the time, Netherwind has proved to be skilled conversationalist and negotiator. Since most people are uneasy in his presence, he uses this effect to his benefit while bartering for the group. It was Netherwind who suggested the group name The Last Circle and the one that has stuck through the most.

While in Parlainth, Netherwind fell to horrors while the party was escaping. Thought to be dead, The Last Circle was surprised when Netherwind walked into their camp one day. While Netherwind has alway been a little bit different, his persona was different than before, although no one was quite sure why.


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