Throalic Coins

Throalic coins are hexagonal in shape. It is very difficult to shave down Throalic coins because of the shape. There are four types of coins in Barsaive.

Copper Hammers are the most common coin in barsaive, it has the same picture of crossed pick and hammer on both sides. Because the picture is the same on both sides hammers are not used in gambling. It is reflective of the peasant class in Barsiave and the source of the saying, “A peasant’s luck is always the same”.

Bronze Plats are rarely used any more, they depict a falcon on one side and a Throalic breast plate on the other. Some cities prefer plats to even the silver, but this seems to be values before the scourge.

Silver Founders are named after the picture of of Tav Korsled, the founder of Throal.

Gold Brazas are named after King Braza of Throal. One side depicts a famous king of Throal, the other side depicts a nameless slave. Because the images are so disparate, Brazas are also known as Fates. It is believed that you can use a Braza for divination, simply ask a yes or no question and flip a Braza. If the coin lands on King Braza, the answer is yes; if it lands on the slave, the answer is no. It is common knowledge that this magic only works when the person first gets the coin.

Information can be found on pg. 43 of Throal, the Dwarf Nation.

Scythan Coins

In contrast to Throalic coins, Scythan coins are circular in shape.

Copper Deinars were prized because they can be used the making of Korinthian bronze. Generally these were only made in areas when it was not feasible to make the copper into bronze. The coin depicts the image of a battle axe on one side and the face of King Deinarus on the other.

Bronze Azes are made of the original formula for bronze. Not suitable for weapons and armor, they require the least amount of work to convert to Korinthian bronze. In Scytha, Azes were more valuable than gold, but has become a lesser known coin since the Breaking of Scytha. One side depicts a Dragons head, while the other is the face of the firsst king of Scytha, king Azes. Azes were used to play a game called Dragon’s Luck. This played with three people spinning their coins and the winner is determined by the person who lands on a different side than the other two. When everyone lands on the same side, it is considered a draw.

Silver Krowes were known as the curse coin in Scytha. The coin depicts a crow on one side and crossed hammer and lightning bolt on the other. It is believed the the crow, a bad omen in Scythan belief, was put their to ward off the evil that crows brought. Over time, it became known as the “Krowe Curse” which was invoked by throwing a krowe at the offenders feet. If it landed crow side up, then the curse would come true.

Electrum Lyons were highly prized for their beauty to Scythans. The coin depicts a lion on one side and a crown on the other. Some refer to the coin as the crowned lyon.

Gold Boars were rarely used in Scythan society. Boars were kept mainly to trade with other name givers who valued gold above all else. Boars contain the image of a noble boar on one side, and hammer and lightning bolt similar to that of silver Krowes.


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