Duhn Korinth

Bronze Mask of Kaer Metura

Duhn Korinth was the only kaer constructed by the dwarves of the Scytha. Because of the ruthless civil war that enveloped the Scythan nation at the time, the kaer was constructed in secret. It was built under the city of Korinth and the entranced was marked by an obsidian obelisk, thirty feet high and covered with arcane runes. The only mention of the Kaer was in a journal with a reference to the ‘Keepers of Trust’. The journal found its way to the Royal Library of Throal, but without any corroborating manuscripts, the document was dismissed as rumor.

Twenty years ago, a group of adventurers stumbled upon the obelisk. The obsidian monolith had been reduced to fifteen feet and most of the protected had eroded away. The party of adventures made several treks to the site, but were unable to determine how to open the kaer. On one such foray, the adventurers defeated a band of slavers and, without having anywhere else to go, helped the refugees build a village on the site of the old city.

The small village saw a little traffic to adventurers that would try to find their way into the Kaer, but all left unsuccessful. When Kahrne Silveraxe left Throal, he found the small village to his liking. Settling here, Silveraxe proceeded to turn the village into a fortified town. His efforts have increased the towns notoriety and it is starting to see more traffic from Midland and the surrounding towns, especially Dwergarheim, the base of operations for Rollo Redbeard.

Roughly two years ago, a group of adventurers discovered how to open the kaer. As the town gathered to witness the historic event; they were unprepared for the multitude of bronze masked dwarfs that ran out and attacked the villagers. Many were injured or slain and a score of masked dwarves were captured by Kahrne Silveraxe and his men before they could retreat back into the kaer.

The dwarf weapons and armor, while out-dated, were surprisingly resilient. Kahrne Silveraxe sent some scholars to the Great Library, and brought some unwanted attention to the fledgling town. After several months of being unable to reshape the armor for his own men, Silveraxe offered the surviving dwarves, to join his ranks. The villagers were horrified at first, but many of the dwarves had lost the blood lust they first exhibited when they exited the kaer. A month later, another wave of dwarves raided out from the kaer. The original dwarves helped the villagers defend against the raid and prevented several villagers from being abducted.

Since them, there have been numerous raids from the kaer. Opening the kaer has been forbidden and raiders have become increasingly devious in their raids. There is arguments between the various guildmasters as what should be done about it.

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Duhn Korinth

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