What happens when nations war and pride festers?

After 500 years… Name-givers return to the surface to rebuild their world. City-states declare their independance and the dwarf nation of Throal calls to unify Barsaive against the Theran threat.

Looming like rain cloud ready to burst, the Therans have returned to Barsaive demanding the homage promised before the scourge. Their air-ships ply the trade routes attacking barsavians for slaves.The dwarves of Throal rebuke the Theran claim and declare sovereignty from Theran rule. But the other city-states are not as quick to joing the Throalic cause. Should the dwarves loose this war, their supporters will be first to fall under the yoke of Thera.

Humans, orks, elves and the other name-givers bide their time as the dwarves prepare for war. But even the dwarves are not united behind a common king. The ancient dwarf kingdom of Scytha was a mighty nation when Throal was still a small mining camp. Laid to waste before the scourge, the Scythan dwarves were scattered to the Kaers of other name-givers and although their kingdom is gone, there are still many that remember the stories of the great Scythan kingdom. To a dwarf, pride in ones roots should never be forgotten.

Amidst the turmoil and the shadows of war, a new king of Scytha has emerged. Calling on the pride of the children of Scytha, he seeks to rebuild the great kingdom. Yet, not all recognize his claim on the throne, and his action only cause further discord in the dwarven nation. How will the Throalic king handle this quandary? What will Thera respond with to this fledgeling dwarf nation? Why would the other city-states join a kingdom divided?

The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth.

For half a millennium, Name-givers have hidden in the earth from the horrific creatures that devastated the world above. These kaers were meant to preserve the children of elf, dwarf and human. While the Horrors ravaged the countryside, the nations of world waited for the time when they could return to the surface and reclaim their world. But the Horrors were crafty, they sought the hidden kaers, eroding the magical wards and glyphs until they could breach the defenses and feast on the inhabitants within. Yet, not all kaers consisted of defenseless farmers lead to the slaughter. Many fought back; waging wars against the Horrors for centuries before succumbing to the endless hordes of the netherrealms. Some still fight their war, waiting in the darkness for reinforcements they know will never arrive.

Korinth, also known as ‘The City of Bronze’, was the gem of of the Scythan empire. Reknown for for its bronze weavers, the Korinthians were prosperous, even during the Scythan Wars. After the breaking of the Scythan nation, the Korinthians secretly prepared a kaer while the petty dwarven warlords fought amongst themselves over the crown. When the scourge came, the dwarves of Korinth hid themselves like the rest of Barsaive. But the Korinthians were not alone. Slowly they became aware that something else was hidden with them. Something that hid in the dark corners of the kaer and visited unspeakable atrocities on the dwarves. The Korinthians boasted some of the most powerful adepts in all Scytha, and Scythans are no stranger to the ways of war.

Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth

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